How to start

Ready to go?

Just 3 easy steps to get you on your way to becoming a CrossFit athlete.


  • Contact The Shed CrossFit to book in for your FREE trial class, so you can see first hand what it's all about.


  •  Once you have attended your free trial, book in to do your Fundamentals program.


  • Then upon completion of the Fundamentals program, Your now ready to attend your first CrossFit class as a member!


Regardless of your current level of fitness/technique, everyone that wants to start training at The Shed is required to attend our Fundamentals program before heading into our regular CrossFit classes.


The Fundamentals program is designed to gently introduce you to CrossFit. Here you will learn the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit, mobility exercises, techniques, terminology and the ins and outs of our gym.


You will need to attend a total of 3 sessions each lasting about 45 minutes. You will be taught 3 of the foundational movements in each session, then we'll hit a taster WOD which will include some of the movements you learnt that day.


To see a full break down of each day in the Fundamentals program click here.

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