About Us

The Shed CrossFit was previously known as DC Fuctional Fitness. We've been up and running from the start of 2013. Orignally based in Yokine we operated out of my parents double garage, were sometimes we had up to 12 clients training at one time. The start of 2015 saw us kick off the year training out of our new facillity in Morley. Were we have converted a 180 square meter factory unit into our fully equiped CrossFit playground, we now have plenty of room to get the daily WOD done.


We have had a solid group of members that started with us right from the first group sessions in the garage to now almost 2 years on and are still training with us today and they've been joined by many more along the way.


At The Shed we believe in CrossFit 100%, and although to begin with hardly any of our members had even heard of CrossFit they new what they were doing day in day out was truly working better than any other fitness program they had followed before, and more to the point they were having FUN. We have a wide range of members walk in our doors, the fit and strong who are bored of there current routine who just want a change, to people who have not done any exercise since high school, or even just never done anything physical their entire lives. We have members from 16 years old up to 60 years old, and thats by no means the limit!


Each session is always scalable to allow the complete beginer or elderly client to achieve a good workout right alongside the expericed crosfitter. We're about community, there is no judging no putting other members down, it doesn't matter if they can't achieve a full pushup we help eachother along we support those still battling the WOD even if we've finished already, it's true when they say we cheer louder for the last person to finish than we do for the first.


CrossFit. It will make every physical task in life a hell of alot easier.